Classes are held Wednesday evenings

8.00pm ~ 10.00pm

with Lois Lightfoot

Lois has been teaching and choreographing Line and Partner Dances for more than twenty years. She became involved in 1987 when asked by her father, who is also an instructor, to help out at a demonstration. She began helping her father to run his class and began choreographing in 1989. By 1993 she was a fully qualified instructor with the BWDA. Lois is best known for her dances "Fields of Gold" and "Irish Stew" and Partner Dances "Fishing in the Dark" and "Groove across the River".


If it’s you first time or you have not been for a while, please contact the venue 01245 269422 to confirm class is on, as from time to time the hall is not available for us to use.